W1S1 [əkˈsept] v
2¦(situation/problem etc)¦
3¦(think somebody/something is good enough)¦
4¦(become part of a group)¦
5¦(agree to take/deal with something)¦
7¦(believe an explanation/statement)¦
8 accept responsibility/blame for something
[Date: 1300-1400; : French; Origin: accepter, from Latin acceptare, from accipere 'to receive', from ad- 'to' + capere 'to take']
to take something that someone offers you, or to agree to do something that someone asks you to do
≠ ↑refuse
Rick accepted her offer of coffee.
He accepted the invitation to stay with us.
His school reports said that he is always ready to accept a challenge (=agree to do something difficult) .
Please accept this small gift.
They offered me a job and I accepted.
accept sth from sb
He accepted a glass of water from Helen.
He readily accepted her invitation (=accepted it quickly) .
to decide that there is nothing you can do to change a difficult and unpleasant situation or fact and continue with your normal life
He's not going to change, and you just have to accept it.
accept that
We have to accept that this is not an ideal world.
You need to accept the fact that most of your problems are caused by jealousy.
to decide that someone has the necessary skill or intelligence for a particular job, course etc or that a piece of work is good enough
≠ ↑reject
Students accepted by Stanford Law School had very high scores on the LSAT.
accept sb/sth as sth
They have accepted him as the representative of the company.
accept sb/sth for sth
Random House accepted the book for publication.
to allow someone to become part of a group, society, or organization, and to treat them in the same way as the other members
≠ ↑reject accept sb as sth
The children gradually began to accept her as one of the family.
accept sb into sth
It often takes years for immigrants to be accepted into the host community.
to agree to take or deal with something that someone gives you, or to say that it is suitable or good enough
The government has accepted the resignation of a senior army commander.
Please accept my sincere apologies .
Sorry, we don't accept travellers' cheques.
to decide to do what someone advises or suggests you should do
Be prepared to accept the advice of members of staff.
to agree that what someone says is right or true
≠ ↑reject
She has accepted your explanation as to why you didn't attend the meeting.
8.) accept responsibility/blame for sth
to admit that you were responsible for something bad that happened
The University will not accept responsibility for items lost or stolen.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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